Spectrum Pool


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Build Chances
Proliferate Decentralization!

500k Pledge
Fee: 2% + 170₳



An evolute.software project

World Class IT Expertise

We have been at it since the 90s
We have done:

  • World spanning deployments
    Going live in 150+ countries across all continents in dozens of datacenters

  • Web scale projects
    100.000 route requests per second? Been there, done that!

  • FP OOP n+p
    Whether on purely functional stacks like Haskell+Elm, boring but solid OO environments like the JVM or a mix of both, we can offer a decade or more in experience!

Distributed Ops

Deploying only on one ISP is so 2000s, SPEC runs on more than three ISPs! If Amazon AWS goes down? Or Microsoft? We don't care, our resillience is guaranteed!

BTW, we do not host on AWS, GCP or MS Azure but hand select indie ISPs for our services!

Security & Automation at Heart

Security is paramount to us. This is why we only use state of the art CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Deployment) to manage this pool.

Proud SPA member

SPEC along a handfull of other pools started the Cardano SPO community's Single Pool Operator efforts back in the summer of 2020, some months later the Cardano SPA emerged of those efforts.

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